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Dragica Miladinović, Bratunac

'Whoever allows oneself to live a poor life today, is a person who does not want to fight. Only the one who will not fight'

"I fed three children working on wages. It was not easy, it was a tough life. But I succeeded, today I have everything I need," with these words Dragica Miladinović from Bratunac starts her life story.

The tough life Dragica lived is behind her, the days and years of great scarcity, when it was tormenting for her to feed the children. The milestone happened one day when Dragica decided to take her life in her own hands and move forward, not looking back on days that were past. 'One day I decided to have all or nothing in my life! Thanks to my strength and the support of MI-BOSPO today I have all this, I have used the loans for purchasing, for poultry buying, the construction of auxiliary facilities ... I have some more plans, but now I do it all slowly. '

Today, Dragica Miladinovic owns a 3.5 dunums of raspberries. She has 1.5 dunums of blackberry, is engaged in breeding pigs, poultry and agriculture. On the basis of a small raspberry plot, Dragica first expanded the raspberries, and then started with blackberries, hens, chickens and pigs.

'I do not need much today, I do not work as hard now, kids are well situated, they have their families, and I do not have to work anymore. But, work keeps me. Kids tell me to stop working, but I do not give up. From raspberries, when the purchase price is good, I can earn exactly as much as I need to live throughout the year. For blackberries I have no effort or investment, but I have a great profit. '

Dragica's life story, apart from being an example of a successful victory of life despair

, is very motivating. Dragica is realistic, but also aware that everyone can win anything if one has enough will and puts in it enough effort.

'It is not necessary for me to work today, so this I now have is enough. But, often I say to my children, and to young people, work is worth it. It's always worth it. But first of all, it's important to found and have a family, because you have both someone to fight for and you have moral support. '

All in all, however, the most important is will and willingness to work.

"MI-BOSPO did not just let me go, they supported me, they added me, they provided me, but I had to do the same. That was the home support for me and I used it up. '

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