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When a family is engaged in agriculture, bulls and pigs fattening, land cultivation, sowing larger areas of grain, and then in the 'free time' they organize weddings, birthdays and other festivals, but also funerals, then the conceptual creator of all these activities can be called a very entrepreneurial person. In this case - the entrepreneurial woman is Snježana Milošević from Petrovo, a client of MI-BOSPO.

At the time they got married, at a time when neither Snježana nor her husband had any business, a lot of land owned was all they had, and as a logical sequence, the idea came to life to start dealing with agriculture and thus earn their income.

"Unfortunately, then we only had a strong will and a desire to work and our odds were small. The time and years of our persistence, effort and dedication have shown that the desire for survival and success has overcome all obstacles, "says Snježana.

Agriculture helped them survive, but Snežana realized that they had to find another way to make a little better profit, and spontaneously came up with the idea of ​​organizing happy but also sad events.

"We started with the organization of funerals, we provided a variety of services, tailored to the financial capabilities of our clients, and quickly became much sought after."

It was not easy at first, explains Snježana, the land had to be processed and they had no mechanization. All the money they earned, and the loans they used from MI-BOSPO, was invested in purchasing machines, buying poultry and thus developing the business. Today, Milošević family can boast of with a strong agricultural farm.

When it comes to agricultural business, Snježana, her husband, son and parents are working, and seasonal workers are engaged when there are big jobs to be done.

When it comes to organizing weddings and funerals, in charge of these jobs is a small but valuable team consisting of seven people.

The staff is able to serve up to 700 guests a day, thanks to a complete inventory which includes: a tent, tables, decorative decorations for weddings and parties, cutlery and all necessary equipment for food preparing as well as refrigerators.

'Only a good quality; the willingness to materialize the job you want every time; to respond in the right way to the market needs; all that can keep you up and running for years in business. We do not have business hours, day off, a holiday, no vacations ... you go and work when people need it, for us everything is work oriented, it's a job if you want to keep a customer, client, buyer, if you do not - they go away, "says Snježana .

Snježana fascinates with her plans for the future, namely, she is aware that no one will 'give' her a job, so her idea is to create her workplace.

"We have enough mechanization but now we are thinking about buying a construction machines. We would buy some machines in the foreseeable time, which there are not enough of in this area, so that the son could immediately make a profit. "

We've always used loans, I bought a heifer with the first 1000 KM, more than fifteen years ago, and I never feared borrowing because after every loan we took we were stronger in our business. I'm very grateful to MI-BOSPO because they helped me when no one else would and I can always rely on them."


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Bosne srebrene bb
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056 445-300
056 215-608
051 655-170
035 700-621
031 762-800
035 871-180
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055 773-601
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